A website must be user-friendly, fast, intuitive, marketable and most importantly convertible before we can begin driving visitors to your digital doors.

Crystal Fuse Solutions started as a web development agency, with a strong focus on convertible design and intuitive user interface. Statistics show that 30% of website visitors would close your webpage in less than 30 seconds due to a poorly designed website or an outdated interface. 
It is also important to know that over 60% of searches today take place on some sort of a mobile device. Thus a website that does not respond to layout changes well will be rejected. 


At Crystal Fuse, we follow the RUCEE plan when it comes to designing websites!

A Website must be:

Responsive: Responsive web design is one of our founding principals. The responsive website layout is one of the most important aspects of a website. When developing your website we consider every device, every size and any configuration to ensure that there are no discrepancies. 

User-Friendly: Have you ever landed on a page that seems so clustered there is factually no space to put a word in. It is important to consider space when it comes to building a website. Websites are not there for show, they are there for your customers.

Convertible: We understand very well how important ROI is to any business. Investing thousands of dollars into a project must yield an equivalent if not a greater return. Websites are no different. The primary purpose of designing a website is to convert every visitor into a potential client. 

Efficient: Speed is a very important factor in web development. When competing with other businesses it is a matter of time whether your page loads faster than theirs. Slow load speed can also impact your search result rankings and overall PR for your business. 

Exciting: Lastly, every website is a story, it's a story of your brand and we are here to tell your clients what are you all about. 


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