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Baidu to Partner with Blackberry in Pursuit of Autonomous Driving

Blackberry Partners with Baidu to build self-driving cars

BAIDU PARTNERSHIP WITH BLACKBERRY PUSHES BLACKBERRY STOCK BY $3/SHARE It was not a shock as Baidu has recently announced it’s partnership with Canadian Tech Giant (all pun intended) Blackberry to build autonomous driving vehicles. Baidu will allegedly use BlackBerry’s platform that has been known as one of the more secure communication platforms in the telecommunication […]

Xiaomi MIUI 9 , Pushing The Boundaries of Quality Stereotypes

Pushing The Boundaries of Quality Stereotypes – Mi5x, Beta Testing and MIUI 9 There aren’t many android manufacturers that offer updates to their operating systems consistently throughout older generations. Many of the reasons are attributed to hardware incompatibility however at times the cost associated with support plays the primary role. iOS or Apple OS is […]