What’s going on with Facebook? Will Mark Zuckerberg survive this?

What’s Going On With Facebook? After Facebook’s official announcement pertaining the Cambridge Analytics scandal many questions have been floating around, specifically pointing at whether the leak of data could have been prevented. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be sending notifications to those affected by the data breach on Monday, April 9th. What would […]

Pay Off Your Loan or Save For Retirement

I have decided to lean away from my everyday spill about starting a business and how this will help you with your finances. It is understandable that having a business is not for everyone and is not a secret that a whole lot more people are concerned about their returning, ever piling student loans and […]

Getting More Customers For My Small Business

attracting more customers to my small business

It is not a mystery that a business can only develop if it has sufficient traction and a customer base. Starting a business can be a hard task especially for those who are new to the digital world. Where 10 years ago a newspaper advertisement would do the trick, today a newspaper advertisement will not only waste […]

How To Get Your Restaurant On The First Page of Google

Getting a website to rank on the first page of any search engine, especially Google is difficult enough. When it comes to restaurants however the task seems impossible. There are tens of thousands of restaurants in your country. There are thousands of restaurants in your city if you live in a city like Vancouver. The […]

How to Build a Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website Website Builder

We have put together this guide to provide you with tips and tricks on how to build a restaurant website. A well-designed website is a difference between a reservation and a complaint. Technology has evolved to a point where we no longer use listing directories to find our next food joint. When searching for a […]

Top 5 Construction Marketing Ideas

Owning and operating a construction company takes time and energy, and the last thing you as an owner want to do is spend more time on marketing your business. Unfortunately, having a business no longer means that it will sell itself. Marketing your company will likely be the most important daily task. Your company must […]

Top 5 Contractor Marketing Ideas

Are you a local contractor that is looking for ideas on how to market your business? These 5 tips on inbound marketing will help you to set up your own website, become visible on Google, establish an online business reputation and create a social media presence. Running a business can be a tough job and […]

Baidu to Partner with Blackberry in Pursuit of Autonomous Driving

Blackberry Partners with Baidu to build self-driving cars

BAIDU PARTNERSHIP WITH BLACKBERRY PUSHES BLACKBERRY STOCK BY $3/SHARE It was not a shock as Baidu has recently announced it’s partnership with Canadian Tech Giant (all pun intended) Blackberry to build autonomous driving vehicles. Baidu will allegedly use BlackBerry’s platform that has been known as one of the more secure communication platforms in the telecommunication […]

Protect Your Website From Hacking By Learning How It Works

  One of the biggest problems of any web developer today is the network and website security. Back, 20 years ago in order to learn how hacking worked one must have had either built their own hacking gadget or listened to 20 minutes of government proposed guides that had little to do with the technical […]

Benefits Of Professional Pay Per Click Advertising And Marketing

HOW TO START GENERATING LEADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS In a dynamic Internet world, pay-per-click is an important and very popular advertising method. Pay per click is based on a click on an ad, and the advertiser pays for a hosting service that hosts ads on their behalf. The success of this method depends on the […]