What’s Going On With Facebook?

After Facebook’s official announcement pertaining the Cambridge Analytics scandal many questions have been floating around, specifically pointing at whether the leak of data could have been prevented.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be sending notifications to those affected by the data breach on Monday, April 9th. What would this mean for you if you have been affected and will you continue to use Facebook services?

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Scandal

How will Cambridge Analytics affect Advertising Business? 

The question remains and with this, another question follows. How will this announcement affect businesses that rely on Facebook for advertising needs?

Facebook has long expanded into advertising business and has been providing services similar to Google when it comes to advertising.

It may come as a surprise to some but Facebook has a very sophisticated tool when it comes to target advertising. Business owners, marketers and analysts can choose from simply capturing the general geo-demographic audience or specifying the criteria by indicating income, interests, family members and relationships.

It will not come as a shock that after this breach many users will choose to abandon Facebook altogether. This may crumble facebook as a viable advertising partner in the eyes of many businesses as the trust aspect of Facebook has largely decreased among the public. Being associated with Facebook as an advertiser will more than likely damage business PR.

Are there alternate options for Facebook Advertising?

Luckily for many advertisers out there a more viable B2B option now exists in the form of LinkedIn advertising that would be more focused on business advertising.

If you are one of the affected by this data leak ensure to check the information that you have made public as it may give you a better idea of what information was used during this breach.