Getting a website to rank on the first page of any search engine, especially Google is difficult enough. When it comes to restaurants however the task seems impossible. There are tens of thousands of restaurants in your country. There are thousands of restaurants in your city if you live in a city like Vancouver. The good news is that competition doesn't always mean that the task is difficult or impossible.

Getting your restaurant to the first page of Google requires an elaborate SEO strategy.

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Essential Guide To Restaurant Marketing

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Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important step in planning out an SEO strategy and can be vital to your restaurant's marketing. Keyword research as a careful analysis and formulation of a buyers story. When starting a keyword research, one must understand what their ideal customers are searching for, and speak their language.

Keyword research starts with a base phrase. The base phrase includes the name of your business, the description and the location.

Martines Pizzeria Vancouver

Ensure that your restaurant website header and title do contain this keyword.
Next step is to elaborate and expand on the base keywords description and location.

Pizzeria Vancouver + (descriptive words and phrases ) = Traditional Italian Pizzeria in Vancouver BC

The following example showcases long-tail keyword example.

Another great trick when it comes to restaurant SEO strategy is utilizing your Menu to rank for keywords like; Italian Style Nachos Place in Vancouver

When your customers' type: Italian Style Nachos near me, Google searches the area around them and if they are located in Vancouver your website is displayed in the results.

Step 2: Content Integration

Many restaurants are losing leads due to missed opportunities with blogging. Blogs are one of the greatest tools used by various businesses to increase SEO ranking and showcase knowledge about their products. Each blog page can focus on one or many keywords and gives opportunities for increase the websites overall rank in the search results.
Restaurants can write blogs about various food that they serve, stories behind the creation of a particular item or simply about their staff and charity work.

Blog Title Example: Happy Anniversary Mario Pizzeria

Blog Subtitle or Header: Join us at Vancouver Downtown Tonight!

Step 3: Link Link Link

Where keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO, linking is the most essential. Links are what tell Google whether your website is relevant, quality and interesting.
When it comes to restaurant linking strategy it is important to offer some incentives. Reaching out to food blogs, local newspapers and publication would guarantee you a spot on the first page of Google, at least for some time.
Newspapers are the 3rd most credible source for links after government websites and universities. Blogger and influencers would be delighted if you offered a free dinner for two in exchange for a review of your restaurant.
Another great strategy for getting links to your restaurant website is by reaching out to colleges and offering discounts for students on delivery and pick-ups. Universities and colleges keep a bulletin on their website for restaurants and businesses nearby that offer student discounts.

Receiving a link fro .edu domain will go a long way and is regarded as one of the most credible sources for linking when it comes to SEO.