We have put together this guide to provide you with tips and tricks on how to build a restaurant website.

A well-designed website is a difference between a reservation and a complaint. Technology has evolved to a point where we no longer use listing directories to find our next food joint. When searching for a restaurant, consumers take into account many variables prior to making their decision. A modern, attractive and above all informative restaurant website can attract new customers to your doorstep and generate the necessary traction.

A website is much like a resume, it would tell your customers about your personality, qualification, and achievements.
Unlike 10 years ago, websites are no longer unaffordable and can cost as little as $0, however it is important to remember that the website is your restaurant’s reputation. It must be treated like an investment as it will most definitely yield a return if done right.

How to Build a Restaurant Website: Steps To Success

  1. Understand Your Budget
    As previously mentioned, a restaurant website can cost as little as nothing and as high as a few thousand dollars. Your budget would decide on the amount of time that you will spend on this website, how large your website will be and the type of features your website will have.
    As a restaurant owner, you may be too busy with the operation of your restaurant to build a website. Time constraint is a commonality among business owners and can be handled by hiring a professional. If you have time on your hands and do feel tech savvy there are many inexpensive solutions to building a restaurant website.

    Restaurant Website Website Builder

  2. Choose a Platform
    If you decided to build the website on yourself and have a budget in mind, you must choose a platform. Website building platforms can range from website builders like Wix to CMS’s like WordPress.  Choosing a website builder may be easier for beginners, however, may cost more than a CMS solution. In addition website, builders have many restrictions when it comes to functionality. If you choose to go with a content management system you will need to choose a hosting service for your restaurant website.

  3. Add Content To Your Website
    The very first step in building a website is deciding on menu prompts. The basic menu contains the following pages.
    – Home: Homepage directors visitors to your main page.
    – About Us: About us section contains information about your restaurant.
    – Menu: Menu is the page where all of your items are listed with prices.
    – Specials & Deals: A page that contains information about promotions.
    – Contact Us: Contact page where customers get contact information, social media links and an option to reserve a table.Utilizing SEO techniques for your restaurant website will increase your rank in the google search.