Are you a local contractor that is looking for ideas on how to market your business? These 5 tips on inbound marketing will help you to set up your own website, become visible on Google, establish an online business reputation and create a social media presence.
Running a business can be a tough job and adding more work to your everyday schedule may seem in the least efficient, however, research shows that contractors that do have a web presence get on average 30% more business than their competitors.

Before starting on this journey, keep in mind that by creating a website, you are introducing your business to the world, in the most literal sense, so it makes sense to do it right the first time.

Contractor Marketing Idea #1: Create a modern and convertible website.

One of the very first things that we suggest to do when drafting your contractor marketing plan is to create a sharp looking, modern website that communicates the trust, clarity, and quality of your work to your potential customer. Websites serve as the gateway to your business, very much like your office or your resume.
Your website must be intuitive and easy to navigate. It must be so simple that even a child could go through the prompts and still find their way around it.Yerevan Reno | North York Renovation Services | House Renovation & Remodelling
One of our recent clients, Yerevan Reno Remodelling and Renovation Services has contacted us with a dilemma. The business has been long established and yet had no online visibility. We started from the concept that they were trying to communicate to their clients. The concept was the promise of quality and trust.  The result was simplicity in the form of elegance.

Ensure that your website is mobile responsive and has been SSL certified. SSL certificate is a method of securing the information of your website that blocks any 3rd party attempts to steal customers information off of your website. In order to check if your website is SSL protected, you can simply check if there is a little lock displayed beside the name of your website.
SSL certificate sign
One of the biggest reasons why contractor websites are losing leads is because the content of the website is outdated or simply lacks convertible content. By researching how people interact with websites, we were able to determine how Yerevan Reno could organize information to drive more leads to their business. This simple strategy resulted in a sale 3 days after the website and marketing were complete.

Contractor Marketing Idea #2 : Get started with Google Local Services and Listing Ads.

If you have been doing some online work with your contracting marketing you may have stumbled on Google Local Services. Google local services or listings are extremely important for any local business. Your contracting business can be listed on Google directory and will be showcased in Google maps when searching for contracting services in your area. Google listings are also the first result on Google when searching for a local business.
Google Ads for Contractor Marketing Google Services do not stop there, Google Local Ads is a new advertising platform created by Google that will be rolled out in 2018 and is currently only available in the US.
The platform is specifically designed for Contractor Marketing. This platform allows for PPL which is Pay Per Lead model. Which means that you don’t need to pay for advertising your contracting business on this platform until someone actually emails or calls you.
For those who are outside of US, Google Ads are still a formidable platform that will allow to market your business on all Google-based services and devices.

Pro Tip : Don’t stop there, Google listings are not the only listing platform on the internet. Use Moz Local Tool to check if your business is visible and what fixes must be made to ensure transparency among all of your listings.

( Yelp, Hotfrog, Facebook, Factual and Fouresquare are other listing platforms that are rather a necessity)

Contractor Marketing Idea #3: Optimize Your Website For Search Engines (SEO)

Paying for Google advertising is bound to rank your website higher up on Google, however in a long run it is ideal to keep your webpage ranking high without paying Google for it. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what allows websites to rank higher in search results without paying for Google advertising services.
To perform SEO, it is first important to rank for your business name and the type of service you provide + your location or the area that your services. (i.e. Williams Remodelling Toronto) .
To optimize your website for this keyword you must use the keyword in your website header and title. To further increase your visibility and traffic, creating a page for each of the services that you provide would rank your website for other keywords that would ultimately increase your website traffic.

Contractor Marketing Idea #4: Use Social Media Marketing

It is true that social media marketing may not be for everyone, however, contractors do definitely fall into the realm of a must when it comes to Social Media.
Social media is a direct link between your contracting business and your customer. When starting with social media marketing , it is important to first understand what platform works the best for your business.
The #1 platform to use is always Facebook. Facebook has the largest number of users today and regardless of your business would benefit your marketing strategy.  Facebook has a business profile engine that will allow you to build a Business Page. One of the numerous benefits of Facebook is its feedback and review system. It allows for customers to rate your business thus generating traction. You can also join various specialty groups on Facebook to further promote your business.

The next social media platform to consider is Pinterest. Pinterest is a graphic social media platform where users can share their ideas. The platform is popular for DIY projects and can be used by contracting service to give suggestions to customers on their next renovation project.

Pro Tip: Get on the Houzz! Houzz is an interactive social media platform for construction companies, decoration services, and general contractors.  Houzz will allow you to interact with curious clients and showcase your work all in one easy to use package.

Contractor Marketing Idea #5: Use Email Marketing

Many contractors believe that the use of email is strictly limited to client communication, however, email is a powerful marketing tool. Email marketing has been used for almost a decade and is still considered one of the most effective marketing strategies.
Sending an email constitutes the most direct form of communication and while it is old it is not outdated.
Emails can be used to inform your customers about promotions, sales, and upcoming deals.They can also be used for customer appreciation and holiday greetings.
Sending an email to an existing customer accomplishes 2 things. One, you are sending an email to a person that has already purchased a service from you thus has trust in your work. Two, this person is genuinely interested in what you have got to offer.