Owning and operating a construction company takes time and energy, and the last thing you as an owner want to do is spend more time on marketing your business. Unfortunately, having a business no longer means that it will sell itself. Marketing your company will likely be the most important daily task. Your company must have a solid marketing plan in place in order to grow, the alternative may result in Blackberry story.

We Have Put Together This Construction Marketing Guide To Give You Ideas For Your Business Plan.

Construction Company Marketing Idea #1 : Search Engine Optimization

When starting a construction business, saving money is essential. Luckily Search Engine Optimization is the best, long-term marketing solution that would cost you nothing. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to start your marketing campaign. Although SEO is free, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Quality SEO is based on the quality of your website content.
As a professional in your own field, it is important to know your clients and always present your content from your customers perspective.

Construction SEO Steps

1. The first step to construction business SEO is coming up with keywords that in your opinion your customers would search for when looking for a service that you offer. The very first keyword on your list must be your company name+the nature of your business+your service area. (i.e. Smiths Construction Vancouver). Further your keywords research by creating more pages and diversifying your search terms. (i.e. Kitchen Remodelling Services Vancouver )

2. The second step is creating content that is focused on your keywords. It is important to use your keywords in your titles and headings. 

3. Interlink your web pages using your desired keywords as an anchor for your links.


Construction Company Marketing Idea #2 : Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a very important aspect of any business, especially a construction company. Social media drives targeted traffic to your website, business or listing and are the most direct customer communication medium of 2018.
Your construction business will benefit from lead generation and targeted traffic conversion if social media platform is utilized correctly.
Your first task is to choose a platform for your business, and before you start searching for the top social media platforms, get a facebook account first. Facebook is the largest social media platform. As of 2018, Facebook surpassed 1 billion users mark. Another benefit of Facebook is its integrated advertising tool called, Facebook Ads Manager. You are able to find highly targeted user demographic using this tool. (i.e. You can search for people that own a house, or have moved recently, or have a certain income bracket)

Construction Company marketing Ideas Social Media Marketing
Although, to market on Facebook is not free, as settings and demographic selected are narrowly selected to match your construction business results are generated regardless.

Using social media as a way display ads is just one way how your construction company can utilize social media marketing. There are various platforms like Houzz and Pinterest that can be used for showcasing work and platforms like Twitter that can be used for answering questions.
In addition, Facebook has a large collection of groups that have a focus on construction or renovation. Advertising within these groups would be a form of targeted marketing.

Construction Company Marketing Idea #3: Youtube Marketing

Youtube has grown to become the largest video streaming service in the world. Many construction company owners do lean away from YouTube because of the work involved when creating video content. In reality, creating video advertising of your business will generate two types traffic. YouTube ranks videos based on relevancy, however, Google Search also ranks videos based on that same relevancy search and in some cases your video ranks higher than many other websites.

Construction Company Youtube Marketing IdeaHome Renovation Company Youtube marketing search
The little trick to video SEO is the fact that many companies including Google, favor their own services over others, with that your video is more likely to rank on the first page of Google search than your website. Creating a short animated video Ad can cost as little as $20 on Fiverr and can go a long way when it comes to your marketing plan.

Construction Company Marketing Idea # 4 : Local Directory Listings

When homeowners are searching for information on a local business they normally first search the term on Google or Bing. In many cases, the very first result of their search ends up being directory listings with an integrated map on the side. Android, Apple and Microsoft smartphone users would have this information integrated into their smartphones map applications. Most of the local directory websites are free, so generating traffic in this would be suitable for any budget.

Construction Company Google Listings Marketing Idea

Moz Local is a tool created by Moz SEO to audit business listing visibility and transparency. It is a great place to start when listing your construction company online.

Construction Company Marketing Idea #5 : Get Accredited By Better Business Bureau

Just like many of us are not willing to deal with a merchant that we are not familiar with, working with an unaccredited construction company would shy away from many potential clients.

Better Business Bureau
Many homeowners would only deal with accredited companies. Accreditation instills trust in your clients and assures them that your company complies with industry standards.