One of the biggest problems of any web developer today is the network and website security. Back, 20 years ago in order to learn how hacking worked one must have had either built their own hacking gadget or listened to 20 minutes of government proposed guides that had little to do with the technical aspects of hacking but more so with the actual implications of it.

Today, it is one of the easiest things to do. Learning hacking and penetration testing allows developers, users, and security specialists learn how hacking can be executed and protect themselves better from oncoming attacks.

Nothing in the world is 100% hacker proof but there the more prepared you are and more you know about it, easier it is to protect yourself.

One of the top penetration testing tools on the market today is Kali Linux. Kali Linux is a version of Linux that is packed with hacking tools. To learn how to use Kali Linux it is imperative to have a good guide.

Learn Kali Linux for android seems like the top penetration testing application for android on the market today.

Disclosure: We do not promote any form of hacking and have written this article in order to help people that are looking to learn more about network security. The tools discussed in this article and video are to be used only for personal education purposes. Hacking unauthorized devices, networks or other digital property is a felony and can result in prosecution.