How to Protect Yourself from Social Media Spamming

So many of us have heard the term spam. 

Usually however the word spam reminds us of that little folder in our email that we never open. Spam can come in many forms and sizes. Time to time however spam can turn into something unwanted and even harmful.

Spam mail by definition is unwanted mail that is sent with no good purpose. The purpose can range from privacy breach to simply scam mail.

In social media however spam has extended itself from profanity to hate speech. There has been many campaigns to combat social spam. One of the rather famous once is the No Hate Campaign organized by Council of Europe to combat hate speech in social media. It was said that after review the results of survey conducted by EU over 78% of participants have encountered hate speech and 40% felt personally attacked. 

These number s are quiet high and social media does not really protect individuals from such actions.

So here is the main question. How to protect oneself from social spam that is unwanted and harmful.

1. Ensure to first protect your privacy by engaging privacy settings on your social media profile.

2. Report any spam that you encounter immediately.

3. It truly is upsetting to see certain type of information on the social media but the reality is that what you see is completely in your control and can be simply combated by a press of a button. 

4. Erase your cookies and scan for malware frequently as websites that you have visited track you information using this data. 

Cookies can be useful however being diligent is sometimes a better way.