History of HL Technologies Part 1

It hasn't been too long since the internet become everyone's life, bread and butter. Words like a website, app and link are thrown around on daily basis with no much thought on how those terms came to be. Everyone knows of companies such as Microsoft, Apple and IBM however there has been many innovations in web technologies in the past years that may have flown under the radar for many people living today. 

We all know the big three operating systems that exist today. Windows, MacOS and Linux are still the primary OS's that are being used in todays world. There are some more recent additions like Chrome OS and with the mobile world expanding iOS and Android are becoming full pledged OS's that can tackle big tasks like their predecessors. 

Not many people however heard about INI or Impact Nominal Index. Impact Nominal Index was introduced by a company that not many people are aware of. WTP or Web Technology Group has worked on INI with the UK government not that far back. Impact Nominal Index was designed  to assist UK Police Forces to collect information and determine Information interference. There is also other operating systems that are not necessarily accessible to public however hold a great value to current society.

It is important to learn more of previous systems wether programming or web development systems as that allows us to appreciate the work done by organizations that are there to innovate above the statue quote. 

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