We are excited to Introduce a New Pilot in Halifax, Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Classifieds Is Now a GO!

For decades, digital marketing has been turning into a monopoly of search engines, social networks and directories and over the years, marketing small businesses especially in smaller communities has become a nightmare. It is not a secret that a directory or a listing company can charge up to $20/month for simple listing and $20 is actually on the lower end of the spectrum. For those who are familiar with SEO, know that all of these social media websites do not offer follow-links thus are not contributing to website ranking. Arguably, some of you might say that regardless of the follow or non-follow links, social media helps with user engagement. I will not argue with that statement as I completely agree, social media is essential to a good marketing campaign and yet we all end up still paying for marketing as most clients do still turn to google for questions and not Facebook. 

Nova Scotia Classifieds is came about when one of my good friends in Halifax told me that he paid over $250.00 to yelp for advertisement and got no business. I as surprised as yelp has been bringing me good business for over 2 weeks now. the issue was that besides yelp I have been doing SEO, social media marketing and other things that coupled with yelp yielded great results, however yelp on its own was not doing the job. 

So now I am happy to introduce a directory, that is free for everyone to use, list your business for free, and trust me we will never ask for your money. It's a promise that will not be broken while this website is under our management and is alive. We will create a community where advertising your business will be automated to you...

Start your own marketing campaign today and we will take care of the rest.