Top Web Hosting Services

Ever wondered what would the top hosting providers in North America be?

There is many options available, however, how can you tell if the service provided is good, bad, expensive, or efficient?

This is as a comprehensive guide, fuelled by 5 years of experience, trial and error and ultimately success, and these are the top hosting services available today. Hosting Services

You must have seen the lovely little alligator staring at you from the ad window. 
There is many benefits to starting with Host Gator. One of many advantages is the the user friendly interface and the ability to easily navigate the control panel of your website. Host Gator has excellent support services and would not bother you with constant upgrade emails and phone calls. There is however some issues associated with Host Gator, one of them is pricing. 

The Hatchling Plan which is the most basic option offered by Host Gator starts at 3.95$ a month and that's only after discount. 

Hostgator does however have many options unlike smaller hosting services (i.e. BlueHosting) .

Web Hosting : 3 plans ( Basic, Essential and Pro)

WordPress Hosting : 3 plans (Starter, Standard, Business)

Cloud Hosting : 3 Plans (Business, Essential and Pro)

Reseller: 3 Plans (Aluminum, Copper, Silver)

VPS: 3 Plans (Snappy: 2000, 4000, 8000)

Dedicated: 3 Plans (Value, Power, Enterprise)

Although Hostgator is priced relatively higher then the competition their services are certainly on par with the price, although they do consistently offer deals and discounts that you can find on this page, HostGator Deals Page Hosting Services

I have to say that one of my favourite services in the past years was

Dream host has a world class support and that's what matters to me as I have experienced enough blackouts and data loss in my life to have to deal with bad support. For larger data load or if you are looking for a dedicated server for either your personal reseller business or are managing a portfolio of database heavy websites this is the place to be. 

Another amazing service provided by this company is called Dream Pass.  Dream Pass is basically an in house managed service where you don't need to worry about traffic spikes. The service is on the pricier side but is certainly worth the money. The no caps on bandwidth also help. 

Although this service is excellent for professionals it is not something I would suggest for a beginner or a person that requires a basic website with not a lot of traffic as the website does price higher then godaddy and may not be as affordable. 

Why GoDaddy is Evil!


So go daddy is known as one of the most reputable hosting/domain/marketing services in North America. 
Over 60% of websites hosted in Canada are subscribed to this service and for a reason; I mean they are huge!!
It is also easier to consolidate your services in one place instead of spreading everything out. Godaddy also offers one of the best prices in the market and there is also many coupons that can be used for new sign ups. Now why would I say that go daddy is evil; Actually it's very simple, They sell you in for the cheap product and after one year your prices skyrocket. I can't say that it's not true for any other registrar and hosting service, however go daddy is certainly up there on the list of price jumps. 

Now, this is not to say that GoDaddy is bad. 

Go Daddy does offer Website Hosting in 2 categories : Personal & Business

They also offer VPS and Dedicated server solutions. Go Daddy does have excellent support and overall would receive 8.5/10 if I were to give it a score. 

Before going for a GoDaddy hosting make sure to check out their coupon deals as those are super handy when dealing with them in your first year. Hosting Services

So let's run a quick comparison, bluehost is rather a well known hosting service that primarily has rather a large following in Canada. One of the more attractive features of this company is its perks that are offered upon sign up. 

Are the options offered by this company and each of these services have rather an interesting add on. One of my favourite features is the $150 Adsense credit that you can get when signing up for one of these hosting services. Another attractive feature is it's woo commerce integration which has been easily classified as one of the top e-commerce platforms in 2017. 

Bluehost does however have its downsides. The biggest issue for me was support. Any technical issue takes a little longer to take care off especially if you are using their dedicated servers. Although price wise bluehost would easily top HostGator as they do maintain lower fees going forward.