So much traffic lost..., and for what!?

It has been more than once that I have googled a business, clicked on the google map listing and to my ultimate surprise ended up on a page that was either empty or directed me to what Google calls a business website that looks far from what a professional website should look like. 

Google Business is maybe the most comprehensive local SEO tool that local business has to lay their eyes on! COME ON PEOPLE! HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE "INTERNSHIP"!

There is one question that you should ask yourselves before giving me the; "Who reads it anyway talk!"

What is the most powerful search engine on the planet?

What do you think this search engine ranks higher? 

It is not a mystery to any sane businessman that cross-selling your own products is much more beneficial than selling someone else's. And if you couldn't answer the first question, there is no shame in that. It just tells me that you are using the internet for the first time or are living in China both of which are fine! In fact, the second most powerful search engine is BAIDU and it works almost the same way. 


Let's move on....

Many people don't realize that google listings are actually a huge traffic boost to their business. All of the Android phones and maps use Google listings to pinpoint your business. If you have realized this truth, kudos to you! The second biggest issue is simply the fact that google listings do utilize a website option that can be enabled. This website option is used for businesses that do not have a web page. It doesn't look like anything special and all of that effort that you have put into your listing is now destroyed because the design of your web page says the exact opposite. 

Ensure that the website linked to your listing is your own. This will truly maximize your traffic and help your SEO efforts!

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