So, you have decided one day that the 9 to 5 thing is not for you. "I have so much passion",  for whatever you do and "I have the drive to do it!" You have quit your job, got your business license, set up a shop or a website, Facebook page, twitter or Instagram. But guess what!? NO ONE KNOWS THAT YOU EXIST! 

This is something that every business owner faces in the beginning of their journey. And this simple fact discourages many people. 

Here is a list of tools that over 230 thousand website known to me use to drive and generate traffic.

  1. Keyword generation tools. 
    So, you might have heard of this funky word called SEO. 
    SEO is a force to be reckoned with, it's a force that drives website rankings on all search engines, including big guns like Google, Bing and Baidu. One of the key components of SEO is to make search engines push your website to viewers based on specific keywords that the user would type into the search engine. 
    For EXAMPLE: If I type , wKarapetyan is the awesomest website in Canada I will get something like this!

top google search results for: is the awesomest website in Canada

However regardless of my unbound enthusiasm about this phrase I doubt that people actually google this phrase in order to find my website. In order to make the web search more relevant, business owners need to consider their business and come up with alternative phrases that would be relevant to their work. Now, say you came up with a great phrase; 

How can you tell that this phrase would drive traffic? This is where you need keyword generation and analysis tools. 

  1. Google Adwords - Tools - Keyword Planner
  2. SemRush - PPC Keyword Tools
  3. Moz Tools

There is many alternatives, however these three tools would dominate the market. Finding words with lowest competition and highest volume is the key. Unlike website domains, keywords are born every single day, catching on to the trend is a way to increase traffic on your website.


     2.   Social Media Management Tools - Hootsuit became one of the biggest Social Media Management Apps on the planet. As your business grows, it is important to manage your social media channels and be on top of your customer inquiries. One of the biggest traffic drives is Social Media after all. 

Hootsuit allows users to preschedule posts or twits and see user data in one place. This tools is absolutely essential for business management purposes. 


   3.    Facebook Ads - As a start up, many people lack in financing and may find this tools a little pricy for their liking, however I can not stress how important it is to set up a Facebook ads campaign for leads acquisition. Facebook uses an algorithm that can incorporate all of the big data that the users provide in order to target your audience directly. You can be as specific as you want or as a vague. If you know who is interested in your business, Facebook will get your message directly into their Facebook ASAP.