How to Learn?


So you have figured out the easiest way for you to code a site, and you understand how responsive layout works. It’s time now to put in the effort. Start building your website from ground up. The truth is that many web development agencies do not charge for the actual work that the developer puts into the project but their ability to figure out ways to mitigate problems in the layout and meet clients vision. In order to be a able to meet the expectation of clients, especially corporate clients, web developers have to put in the hours. The best way to learn how to use the specific tools it is important to test them out. Thankfully, most of these tools are free. WordPress is an open source software. However to install it and run it without paying for hosting is a tinny bit tricky. If you wish to learn how check my quick video tutorial on how to install WordPress on your laptop using virtual server. (Using MAMP)

The best way to tackle wordpress is playing with it.  If you have no resources on how to use wordpress I have attached this Free Crash Course. The course will have 3 projects that would allow you to get yourself from complete beginner to basic-intermediate level. 

When it comes to coding (HTML, CSS) , We all start somewhere! The best free beginners course that I have seen was provided by They truly capture the essence of coding and provide enough curriculum to get you started. Software such as wiz do offer free option for people that wish to test out the software however as you wish to get a more personal website without advertisement you would be required to purchase their plan. 

There is no better suggestion but to Work Work Work!

1 hour, every day will do just fine. 

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