Understanding What Makes a Webpage Responsive

Hi guys, if you are new to web development ,makes sure to check out my previous post about methods of graphic web design. For this post we will be discussing website structure and alternations to those structures. The website is structured using Hypertext Markup Language or HTML for short. When thinking about website structure designers usually think, boxes. Ever object is enclosed in a box on a page. those boxes can be structured in a specific way to provide visual flexibility to the user. 

Responsive website structure                                                                    1. Box Layout -Responsive Design

As we build the structure of the site we need to understand how many boxes are used and where those boxes are implemented. After realizing the box structure, each box can be given a relative or fixed property which means that the boxes can be relative to a screen size or of a fixed size. Relative does can increase or decrease in size based on the size of the screen and this is what developers call Responsive Website Layout.